Unibright Plans a Token Sale to Fund Its SAP & Blockchain Integration Framework

Unibright dived into the blockchain technology in 2016, to investigate how SAP and blockchain integration can make it easy for businesses to develop applications on the network. It is tasked with providing businesses a conductive platform, on which they can integrate the blockchain technology into their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with ease. The company makes this possible without the need to have an expert do the integration for them. With the launch of the ICO, on April 10, Unibright will be able to fund their SAP and blockchain integration framework.

The need to integrate SAP and blockchain

SAP offers enterprise application software and cloud-based solutions to businesses. By integrating it with blockchain, businesses, regardless of the size, will benefit in a big way. Major players frequently meet at blockchain events and conferences to find a way forward, through presentations and sharing of ideas. Since 2016, the Unibright team took interest on the blockchain technology, where they have been developing blockchain-based solutions for small, medium and large businesses. The SAP and blockchain integration tools, developed, will give a facelift to businesses when it comes to integrating their ERP systems into the technology.

Blockchain-based business solutions

The visual workflow designer tool will help users develop solutions without the need to code, plus creating and managing smart contracts using the available templates. Also, there is the smart connector, which allows businesses to integrate their systems to the blockchain network in order to move information freely within the blockchains. All this will be possible without the need of an expert developer to help businesses develop solutions or integrate with the technology.

The details of the UBT token sale

Unibright will create 150,000,000 UBT tokens, where only 100,500,000 will be made available for the token sale. The token is developed on the Ethereum Network and will trade at $0.14 for a single UBT. The token sale event will run for a month, until May 10, where the unsold tokens will be destroyed to prevent it from being inflated.

The stage is already set

Before the announcement of its ICO, Unibright was already engaging its clients through the reputable cloud-based integration systems such as SAP. This allowed the company to set the stage on which it was able to market its plan to integrate the blockchain technology in its traditional cloud-based integration system. In this move, it promises to be efficient, in terms of the cost and ease of integration with existing business systems.

Utilizing blockchain as a system

Although the token sale will result in a cryptocurrency, the money aspect is secondary. ‘Unibright seeks to fund the SAP and blockchain integration framework in order to develop a platform, which all businesses can use, to easily integrate their ERP systems. Businesses will be able to utilize the technology in a way that adds value to their investment, which will see the UBT token thrive.’ says IBC Group ICO Marketing Expert. In short, the success of the SAP and blockchain business integration framework will determine the growth of the value of the token.